Joe 'Stringbean' McConaughy

Seattle born, Boston living. Growing up, my mom would joke that my body type resembled that of a stringbean. Weird, but whatever. When it came time to pick a thru hiker trail name, it was an easy choice.

I love trail running. I love the community. I’ve been blessed to have some really amazing experiences, setting records on the Pacific Crest and Appalachian Trail, competing in incredible places like Italy, France, Ireland and the West Coast, coaching amazing athletes, adventuring with my fiance. Really, life is a whole lot more than pavement and PR’s.


Name: Joe McConaughy

Trail name: Stringbean

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Current: Brookline, MA

Age: 27

Height: 6’3″

Weight: 165lb

Teams: Columbia Montrail athlete
Heartbreak Hill Running Club (HHRC)
Trail Animals Running Club (TARC)

What else: Climbing, hiking, reading a book, travelling, eating a lot


Fastest Known Time (FKT)

Wicklow Round (supported) 17h9m – 2018
Appalachian Trail (self-supported and overall) 45d12h15m, 2017
Pacific Crest Trail (supported) 53d,6h,37h, 2014

2018 Ultras 
47th – CCC at UTMB
6th – USA Ultra Champs Ragged 50k
1st – Mt. Etna 50k
CR and 1st – To Hale and Back (6 hours)

3m52s – 1500m
4m12s – Mile
15m08s – 5k (road)
6h12m – 50 mile (Stonecat 50m)

Where I spend my time

Ultramarathoning 49%
Coaching 35%
Loving life
Miles Over Smiles 100%

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