Run the wild

Looking for a new challenge? Let's do this, together.


Why a coach

Sometimes we need guidance and inspiration, other times its perspective and confidence. This could be your chance to appreciate fitness in a new way, to step outside your comfort zone, and to be the best version of yourself. Read this awesome article on coaching by my athlete:



Training plan: Customized interactive Google Doc
Contact: Unlimited e-mails, 1 phone call per week
Focus: Ultras, trails, mileage, breathing, nutrition, hydration, weight lifting, health
Cost: $150/mo



I will be your holistic thought partner and coach. My running background is as a D1 collegiate miler, ultra marathoner, and FKT record holder. I believe sleep, long runs, speed work and flexibility are the keys to success. My goal is to have athletes run healthy, fast, and long without overdoing mileage, while pursuing goals that are important to you.

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