Barkley Marathons

Dills and I team up again for the 2023 running of the Barkley Marathons. I’d been trying to get in for 5 years – so I was curious to see if I could punch my weight at the infamous course! Katie helped as crew, and I was lucky enough to be at one of the years where there were finishers! It lived up to the hype.

Pilot Field Productions, 13 videos, 5-15 min per episode

800 miles. 13 days. One hell of a trip. Join Joe and an all-star crew including previous FKT holder Witt Wisebram, Katie McConaughy, Michael Dillon and more. There is no shortage of drama here – snow, big mountains, logistical mishaps, cute dogs – Arizona has it all.

Pilot Field Productions, 44 min

Arizona Trail Recap Blog


Why shoot a vlog and a documentary? The vlog is a 13 part, daily series the tells the story of the incredible team effort it took to get Joe to the finish. The vlog series was shot and produced on-site often in real time as Joe progressed. 

Pilot Field Productions, 13 videos, 5-15 min per episode

Arizona Trail Recap Blog

How hard can a measly 272 mile trail be? The Long Trail is the oldest thru hiking trail in the US and is notorious among thru hikers as rooty, rocky, and packing a whole lot of punch. Joe takes on the Long Trail, trying to complete the trail in under 5 days. Driven to the brink, he must fight dwindling battery life, a rainstorm and more as he winds his way down south.

Pilot Field Productions, 13 min

Long Trail Recap Blog


Stringbean tells the story Joe as he attempts to break the speed record on the Appalachian Trail. It takes most hikers 5-6 months to complete the 2,190 mile long trail, but in the summer of 2017, Joe set out to hike it in 45 days. This short documentary offers a raw look at life on the trail from Joe’s perspective, as he tries to hike 50 miles a day for 45 consecutive days, on America’s most iconic long trail.

Pilot Fields production, 14 min

Post-Documentary Reflection Blog

75 miles of orienteering and peak bagging 26 peaks around the Wicklow Round in Ireland, establishing a new FKT.

Pursuit Films production, 8 min

The Run For Colin crew reunites for an epic road trip down the Pacific Coast Highway – completing two ultramarathons in one week.

Pilot Fields production, 22 min

Four best friends endure triumphs and toil to set a new FKT on the Pacific Crest Trail and raise $34,000 in memory of my cousin, Colin.

Pilot Field production, 33 min