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Looking for a challenge? Let's do this, together.


Why a coach

Sometimes we need guidance and inspiration, other times its perspective and confidence. This could be your chance to appreciate fitness in a new way, to step outside your comfort zone, and to be the best version of yourself. Read this article on coaching by one of my athletes:

Basic Plan: $145 per month

Monthly coaching plan
Initial call, quarterly calls, unlimited e-mail



Training plan: Customized Google Doc
Focus: Ultramarathon, marathon, road running, trail running, fastpacking, recovery techniques, breathing, nutrition and hydration strategy, weight lifting, cross training, and lifestyles.

Standard Plan : $200 per month

Monthly coaching plan
1 phone call/week, unlimited e-mails



I will be your holistic thought partner and coach. I believe recovery, long runs and quality workouts are the keys to success for any endurance athlete. My goal is to have you run healthy, fast, and long without overdoing mileage, while pursuing goals that are important to you.

Hour of Power : $100 per session

Let’s talk shop for your race/project
Hour long consultation call, pre/post email


Fastest Known Time (FKT) Speed Records

  • Arizona Trail (supported, current) 
  • Long Trail (self-supported, current) 4d 23h 15m – 2020
  • Wicklow Round (supported, former) 17h 9m – 2018
  • Appalachian Trail (self-supported [current] and overall [former]) 45d 12h 15m – 2017
  • Pacific Crest Trail (supported, former) 53d 6h 37m – 2014

Top Results and PR’s

  • 1500m – 3m 52s
  • Mile – 4m 12s
  • 5k (road) – 15m 08s
  • 50 mile (Lake Waramaug) – 5h 22m
  • 100 mile (Track 100) – 12h 53m
  • 2 time finisher of CCC at UTMB

Athlete Results

FKT: Supported Long Trail FKT, Unsupported LT FKT, Supported Ouachita FKT, Supported Great Divide Trail FKT, Shenandoah FKT

Ultra/Trail: Finishers at Moab 200m, Cocodona 250m, ITI 300m, Ghost Trail 100m, Canal Corridor 100m, Midstate Massive 100m, Hardrock 100m, Alaska Mountain Wilderness Classic, High Lonesome 100m, Cayuga 50m, Angel Creek 50m, Silver Rush 50m, Bigfoot 40m, Ultratrail Angor 50k, Chesterfield 50k, Kendall Mountain Race, La Travesorina Skyrace

Road: Numerous marathons, half marathons, 5ks, including over 20 5k PRs