Meet the 2024 All In Trail Collective Scholarship Recipients

The All In Trail Collective is a group of hungry, younger athletes who are ready to get after the trail running scene. Our athletes compete in all distances, from Vertical Kilometer races to multi-day events. The All In Trail Collective is coached by 9 coaches: Jess Schnier, Cam Mayfield, Danielle Snyder, Ryan Miller, Yassine Diboun, Kelly Lutz, Lindsey McDonald, Jarred Ervin, and Joe McConaughy. The 21 individuals below were offered a 1:1 coaching scholarship through the future year. The All In Trail Collective consists of over 100 athletes in North America! Our goals with this group are to help encourage younger athletes to go All In on the trail running scene and to create a space to help expand the diversity of the trail running community.

Annually, we accept applications for athletes to join the All In Trail Collective and coaching scholarship. The application period for 2025 is set to begin in December, 2024. Learn more about the program here.

We’d like to give a shoutout to program sponsors, including Rainshadow Running, Aravaipa Running, Trail Animals Running Club, Tejas Trails, Vert Running Series and Daybreak Racing for offering complimentary race entries for these athletes. Additionally, we’d like to thank program sponsors Sawyer, TrailButter, Gaia, UltraSpire, Brooks, and Janji and for hooking athletes up with different gear and products.

We’re proud to announce the recipients of All In Trail Collective Coaching Scholarship. We can’t to see what they do in 2024 and beyond! Stay up to date on the All In Trail Collective through our Instagram.

A photos of runner Ashley Feliciano

Ashley Feliciano

Stationed in Germany; originally from Hanover, VA
Coached by: Danielle Snyder

Running Goals:

  • Complete my first 50k and place top 3 within the next 3 years
  • Run a backyard ultra
  • Run a 100 miler
I have always had an athletic background growing up playing basketball and I now love all different types of sports, especially those that get me outside! It all started with training for a half marathon and doing a tough mudder, now I am hooked on running. Within the last handful of years have really fell in love with running, with trail running being my absolute favorite.

I applied for this scholarship in the hopes of learning more about myself, running, my limits, and challenging myself to be the best version of myself every day. I really feel like running is life-changing in a lot of ways and I’d love to become a stronger runner and share my love of running with others as well. I am hoping to connect with others my age who are likeminded and have a deep love for running and exploring.

A photos of runner

Bridget Nichols

Flagstaff, AZ
Coached by: Kelly Lutz

Running Goals:

  • Run my first ultra
  • Become a more competitive trail runner
  • Give back to the trail running community through volunteering at events and becoming more involved within the community
I am a freshman at NAU and I’ve been running since I can remember as I came from a family of runners. I ran cross country and track in high school but I’ve always had a passion for endurance and trail events. Now that I’m in college, I’ve been training to follow in my mom’s footsteps as an ultra runner.

I applied to this scholarship because I’ve been looking to try and work toward some stretch goals that I’ve been doubtful that’d I’d be able to achieve. I knew that having the guidance of a coach would be invaluable in helping me to achieve those goals but it was unrealistic for me to afford to hire a coach as a full time student. When I found out about this scholarship, and looked into the coaches I fell in love with Coach Kelly’s core values and personality. I knew she would be a perfect fit for me as an athlete as well as the goals I want to achieve.

A photos of runner Cindy Shepard

Cindy Shepard

Portland, OR
Coached by: Yassine Diboun

Running Goals:

  • Get better at climbing and recovery
  • Finish a Western States qualifying race
  • Get first place for a race 50 kilometers or over
I’m a lifelong, nonprofessional athlete and runner since the age of 6. I transitioned to casual road running after high school sports for enjoyment and as a way to stay fit during college and after. Moving back home to Oregon and getting on the trails renewed my passion for running and and kickstarted my love for trail races and ultras.

I noticed the dearth of BIPOC runners in trail races. Always up for a challenge, I felt the best way to do my part was to add one more brown face to the starting line. I’ve also enjoyed exploring my physical capabilities in the stunning landscapes of the PNW and feel like I could go further (and farther!) with help.

A photos of runner Collin Sepulveda

Collin Sepulveda

San Antonio, Texas
Coached by: Ryan Miller

Running Goals:

  • Run a 2:20 or below in the marathon
  • Run and achieve in the 50k distance
  • Place at a well-known trail race
I am currently working on my third degree this time in nursing. I am a former collegiate division 1 400m hurdler who was rebranded as an endurance athlete during the pandemic.

I applied to this scholarship to branch out of my comfort zone. I always strive to be the best version of myself and this was an opportunity to further pursue just that. I have loved where running has taken me and can’t wait to find out where this program can get me.

A photos of runner Daniel Goldstein

Dan Goldstein

Pittsburgh, PA
Coached by: Ryan Miller

Running Goals:

  • Compete at a world championship in an ultra-distance
  • Win a 100 mile race
  • Run a USATF national team qualifying 100k time of sub-7:20
Ever since I was a kid I’ve had an obsession with the natural world and being outside on trails. I fell in love with trail and ultra running during college at Pitt where I was a member of the ultimate team. I ran my first hundred miler when I was 23, and ever since then I’ve been on a mission to figure out how to run really far, really fast!

I applied to the All In Trail scholarship to build a support system around my training. While running may be a largely solitary sport, I know that in order to be successful I cannot do it all alone. All In Trail offered professional-level coaching as well as a network of strong runners who share similar goals to myself.

A photos of runner Isabel Perry

Isabel Perry

Seattle, WA
Coached by: Yassine Diboun

Running Goals:

  • Race my first 100 miler
  • Run more technical/verty races
  • Set my first FKT (hopefully in Alabama)
My running journey started young with my mom entering me in my first 5K at the age of nine. However, upon trying to run seriously in high school, I quickly developed a stress fracture resulting in a complicated relationship with running. I turned my focus to every other sport I got the chance to play. Upon graduating college and moving to Washington, I found myself loving running again and finding freedom and confidence on trails. I’ve since raced multiple ultras and completed some big, single day adventures.

Being from coastal Alabama, I had little exposure to the wilderness and often found myself intimidated by big hikes or showing up to group runs unprepared. I applied to the All In Trail Collective because I wanted a platform to encourage people that don’t have a typical “outdoorsy” background that they too can tackle big adventures with a little preparation. I also wanted the opportunity to work with someone that could help me uncover what I’m truly capable of in this sport.

A photos of runner Isabelle Brauer

Isabelle Brauer

Corvallis, OR
Coached by: Joe McConaughy

Running Goals:

  • Get a more structured training plan for trail running
  • Compete in more established/major trail events to ultimately compete in the world championship
  • Have consistency enjoy the process
I am a long-distance runner who recently transitioned to trail running. Originally from Sweden, but I currently live in Oregon, US, with my husband. I did my studies and athletic career in the US during my college years, competing in the 10,000m on the track and cross country. Throughout my running journey, I have always had in the back of my mind that I wanted to be more of a trailrunner one day. After college, I took a step back from running to rediscover the joy in it, and that’s when I started to fall in love with trail running.

I applied for this scholarship as it provides an opportunity to support my dreams and goals in running. It offers guidance to structure my trail running training, help in planning races, and the accountability I currently seek to stay motivated. Additionally, I hope to connect with like-minded individuals, gain knowledge from the community, and inspire others to reach and achieve their goals and dreams.

A photos of runner Jessie Finocchiaro

Jessie Finocchiaro

Cambridge, MA
Coached by: Kelly Lutz

Running Goals:

  • Aiming to gain more experience in the ultra space (more mountainous races, my first 100k)
  • Chasing some FKTs in the White Mountains of New England
  • Sub 3:00 marathon
I grew up as a soccer player and got talked into running by a friend in college who needed accountability to wake up at 5am. I started running trails in Colorado as a graduate student. In my move to Mass., I decided to sign up for my first ultra and have never clicked with a community of folks like those on the trails.

I applied to this scholarship to really challenge myself to grow as an athlete. I’ve been afraid to set goals that I might not reach, and I’m excited to work with Coach Kelly to really see how much I can grow this year.

A photos of runner Kasun Raigama

Kasun Raigama

Stanford, CA
Coached by: Jess Schnier

Running Goals:

  • I aim to complete at least four 50 mile trail races (domestic and international) by the end of this year
  • Compete at an major international 100 mile trail race by next year (UTMB?…)
  • Eventually find myself creating my own trail running collective for other South Asian Americans along the way (hopefully sooner than three years!).
I grew up playing almost every sport I could (massive cricket enthusiast!) but invested most of my energy as a competitive tennis player and martial artist. My running phase began as a kid when I wanted to be like Sonic the Hedgehog, but once I realized hedgehogs weren’t that fast in real life, I decided to give the (relatively) slower and long distance life a chance. Ever since joining my middle school cross country team, running has always been an outlet for me to live healthy, discover new landscapes/people, and process my infinitely many life curiosities!

On top of having the chance to train and compete as an athlete again in such a nature-centric sport, I wanted to create a platform for more South Asian American individuals to see themselves thriving in the trail running world. Too often I find myself being the only one from my background at trail races/events and have always felt the capability to serve as a bridge between people from my community and this incredible sport! There are too many mental and physical benefits associated to ignore, especially given the kind of human this sport shapes you into, so I hope to showcase these benefits by sharing my journey as an athlete who champions diversity and dreams big!

A photos of runner Katia Wanish

Katia Wanish

Rhinelander, WI
Coached by: Ryan Miller

Running Goals:

  • Continue to get stronger, faster, and strengthen my love for the sport
  • Competitive performances at regional/national ultra trail events
  • Race my way into Western States via qualifying at a golden ticket race
I started running the first day of high school cross country practice my freshman year and ran my first 50k senior year of high school. Since then, I’ve dabbled in other pursuits (swimming, biking, rowing, and through-hiking) but continue to be drawn to the trail running world for the opportunity to explore the outdoors and push my limits on my own two feet. When not running, you can find me working as an environmental engineer or perfecting my pumpkin bread recipe.

Growing up in the Midwest, I was intimidated and questioned how I fit into the sport as most runners I looked up to were living and training in the mountains. I applied to this scholarship to gain access to a community and mentors to help teach me about the sport and help me reach my running goals. I hope to share what I learn from this community to empower other athletes who don’t feel like they see themselves represented in the sport.

A photos of runner Keelah Barger

Keelah Barger

Salt Lake City, UT
Coached by: Cam Mayfield

Running Goals:

  • Race 100 miler
  • Qualify for UTMB
  • Qualify for Western States
I ran collegiate track and cross country for the University of Utah and University of Arizona. In 2023, I finished my Masters in Biotechnology and now work as a scientist for a biotech start up.

I applied for this scholarship to grow my connections in the trail community. I was also interested in connecting with a mentor to help me grow in the sport.

A photos of runner Kelsey Takeuchi

Kelsey Takeuchi

Salt Lake City, UT
Coached by: Lindsey McDonald

Running Goals:

  • Secure women’s FKT for summiting Washington’s five volcanoes
  • Compete in the Sky Running World Series
  • Stay healthy and consistent in my training
I am an ultra runner and mountain athlete with a passion for exploring backcountry terrain. I began running in high school and competed in collegiate track and field before shifting focus to the trails. I believe in a balanced approach to training and enjoy incorporating all forms of mountain travel into my schedule.

I applied for this scholarship because I have been hoping to enter the racing scene and believed a coach was an essential step in this process. I sought the mentorship of a professional in the industry, but do not have the means to hire a coach at this stage in my life. I was grateful to have found this scholarship opportunity and cannot wait to take my training to the next level.

A photos of runner Kendall Chastain

Kendall Chastain

Gunnison, CO
Coached by: Ryan Miller

Running Goals:

  • Finish the Ouray 100
  • Complete a Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim
  • Finish the Hardrock 100 (lottery dependent – fingers crossed!)
I ran my first 5k at age 8, and grew up running cross country and track. I started trail running once I got to college, and ran the Zion 100k as my first ultra in 2017. Since then, I’ve finished the High Lonesome 100 twice, and have started to look to bigger mountain objectives as a way to spend as much time frolicking outside as possible.

When I first started trail running in my early 20’s, there still weren’t very many women toeing the line for the longer events, let alone women my age. While the sport has come a long way, the bigger the objective is, the less I see younger women represented or even encouraged to go after these lofty goals. I want to show that we can get out there and be crushers too. More personally, I’ve always felt that trail running is the most effective form of moving meditation. Spending time outside in the high mountains is healing for the mind, body, and soul. After losing my husband to cancer last July, I knew that I needed to channel healing my trauma into something that simultaneously fueled my fire and pushed my limits, and would make him proud.

A photos of runner Lillian Farrell

Lilli Farrell

Denver, CO
Coached by: Jarred Ervin

Running Goals:

  • Complete a 50 miler
  • PR my 50K
  • PR a half marathon
A chocolate milk fanatic and breakfast sandwich enthusiast who loves to full send into the unknown. After dabbling in competitive swimming, Irish step dancing, and soccer, I found my passion out on the trails of Colorado and now have big dreams to go as far as my legs and willpower can take me.

As a runner with very limited knowledge and experience in trail running, I saw this opportunity as a way to gain the tools to create goals beyond “just finishing.” I want to focus on training, creating goals and overcoming challenges with a coach. I hope to also bring my lived experience as an indigenous woman who struggled to call herself a runner and empower others who may not see themselves represented on the trails or behind the start lines.

A photos of runner Lily Wilhelm

Lily Wilhelm

Tucson, AZ
Coached by: Danielle Snyder

Running Goals:

  • Run a 100 mile race
  • Seek out and engage more with my local running community
  • Take a more holistic approach with my running goals
I’m originally from a small town in Michigan and spent most of my childhood outside, always running around doing something. In my teenage years my family relocated to Tucson, Arizona, where I joined cross country and fell in love with desert running. As an adult with a busy schedule in my role as a mental health therapist, running has become my solace on tough days, a form of mindfulness and perspective building that helps me continuously feel connected to and respectful of the world around me.

I applied to scholarship to gain more of an understanding of how to be successful in this sport, as well as to have an opportunity to reshape my relationship with running. Early on in my efforts to become a trail runner I experienced an incident that made me feel unsafe on the trails. That event had a lasting impact on me, and I hope to use this year as a chance to continue to overcome the lingering effects from that experience while I connect further with the joy and freedom that trail running can offer. By embracing this opportunity, I envision contributing to a community that values inclusivity, resilience, and the healing power of running.

A photos of runner Martha Mihm

Martha Clemmer

Chattanooga, TN
Coached by: Cam Mayfield

Running Goals:

  • My overall goals are to stay consistent, uninjured, and excited about running
  • Improve my speed and hills (mostly minimize how much I whine while doing both)
  • The 50k distance is one that I really enjoy and would like to focus on a 50 mile or 100k in the next few years
I come from a family of running and outdoor enthusiasts! I ran through school and since then have done a mix of road and trail races. Living in Chattanooga has given me an awesome community of runners to be a part of and so many trails to run!

Running has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I love it (even when I hate it) and want to reach my goals in the sport. Having a knowledgeable coach to hold me accountable and encourage me along the way is such an awesome opportunity! I am so excited and grateful to be a part of All in Trail.

A photos of runner Masha Johnstone

Masha Johnstone

Bend, OR
Coached by: Cam Mayfield

Running Goals:

  • I would love to throw a new FKT on the South sister in Bend, OR
  • Run Crazy Mountain 100
  • Run the High Route trail in the Wind River range
My father was a mountain guide and both of my parents were Olympic skiers. My childhood was spent outdoors with my family climbing, skiing, hiking and running all over the West. I started skiing as soon as my parents adopted me; first as an Alpine racer and then switching to Nordic racing. I competed in Nordic skiing until I graduated high school, which involved a ton of running for training. I ran track and cross-country in high school as well.

I am applying for this scholarship because it seems like an amazing opportunity to work with excellent coaches and to become a part of a community of like-minded runners. I competed on a ski team for many years and miss that camaraderie and the friendships you develop through sport. I am a young runner new to the Ultra world and definitely would benefit from the experience your coaches and team would bring to my running career.

A photos of runner Sawyer Magnett

Nick Pham

Portland, OR

Coached by: Jess Schnier

Running Goals:

  • Run 100 miles for the first time ever,
  • Next year, run the OR 200!
  • Three years from now I hope to see every trail race offer an equal nonbinary division so that no goal is off the table.
I am a queer, trans, nonbinary trail runner. I started running in 2017 in support of my mental health and sobriety, and now I am hooked because of the amazing community and the epic views! I ran my first ultra in 2023 while surrounded by queer community, and I decided it’s my favorite way to race!

I am so excited by races that now offer nonbinary divisions with equal prizes and awards, and it makes me want to run them all in thanks and celebration! I am so excited to see the nonbinary field really start to grow in depth and diversity, and I want to be capable of running those long distances and iconic courses, so that I can be part of that field, and help it grow. I knew I needed a coach who could support and guide me into mileage I’ve never even dreamt of before, so that I could focus on advocating and community organizing instead of training plans!

A photos of runner Sawyer Magnett

Sawyer Magnett

Lynchburg, VA
Coached by: Lindsey McDonald

Running Goals:

  • Complete a 100k
  • Improve my speed
  • Enter races outside my comfort zone
I grew up playing competitive soccer, track, and volleyball. I always had a passion for running, but it wasn’t until college that I discovered ultra running and fell in love with it immediately.

I absolutely love how trail running allows me to push myself beyond my limits and want to continue to reach my potential with the help of this program. This partnership is the perfect opportunity for me to learn from fellow ultra runners while being exposed to challenging new experiences. I also want to continue to integrate myself into the ultra running community and make a difference for younger ultra runners.

A photos of runner Timberlin Henderson

Timberlin Henderson

Fruitland, NM
Coached by: Joe McConaughy

Running Goals:

  • Do at least 2-3 personal projects that benefit my Navajo people and gives everyone a glimpse into what running does for our culture
  • I want to venture more in the 100 and 200 mile distances
  • I want to use running as medicine for everyone who needs it.
I am a Navajo who has been running since I was 5 years old. I did play a little baseball and basketball, but running has been my overall passion. Running has been in my culture since the beginning and it’s something I’ll forever value.

I applied to this scholarship because I see it as a prolific opportunity. In my area on the Navajo reservation and the community just off the reservation, we are deprived a lot of opportunity. Every day is a struggle for most of us, including talented native athletes who deserve a chance to make their tribe proud but are never given that opportunity. Never having their story told and read about. It’s only when we are gone when we are finally wanted.

A photos of runner Zach Mayfield

Zach Mayfield

Phoenix, AZ
Coached by: Jarred Ervin

Running Goals:

  • Run my first 100 miler
  • Finish top 10 at the javelina 100k
  • Build a really strong endurance base
I started running the 400m and 800m in middle school and continued to do so all throughout college. After a hiatus from running post-college, COVID brought me back eager to tackle the world of trail running!

The chance to work with highly skilled and knowledgeable trail runners was really appealing to me. I still feel very new to the world of ultra/trail running, so being able to surround myself with people who have been in my shoes before was an opportunity i couldn’t pass up! The chance to not only have a highly qualified coach to work with individually as well as a network of other runners in the collective is something I’m stoked to take advantage of this upcoming year.

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