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Bean Sprouts Running Results of 2021

The Bean Sprouts are the collective group of athletes that I coach. They are ultra junkies, first time marathoners, road runners, multi-day effort adventurers and FKT setters.

I started coaching in 2017. When COVID hit, I transitioned to become a full-time coach. I lost my job (who would’ve thought I’d be the first one to be laid off working in a new markets division at a travel company when a global pandemic prohibits all travel? Shocker of the century!) At the time, I had seven athletes and a refined coaching process and philosophy. I had a vision for what I wanted to build. In 2020, I worked on scaling my business and working with new athletes, but here is the funny thing… How do you coach runners when no races are happening? Well, I had a total of 3 race performances from April to October 2020. My athletes focused on bettering themselves and their long term fitness. They were in it for the process.

Now, in 2021 the Bean Sprouts have harvested the fruits of their labor. All those sprouts have sprouted and will continuing sprouting for years to come.

I’ve left off a few individuals who prefer to keep a low online profile and removed last names and time performances to protect the privacy of individuals I coach. I’m proud of the Bean Sprouts!

Fastest Known Times

Fawn H: Supported Female Ouachita Trail FKT (223 miles)
Mikaela O: Unsupported Female Long Trail FKT (272 miles, 4th FKT of the Year)
Ben F: Supported Male Long Trail FKT (272 miles, Top 10 FKT of the Year)
Andrew C: Supported Male Great Divide Trail FKT (680 miles)
Joe M: Supported Arizona Trail FKT (800 miles, 4th FKT of the Year)
Nick F: Self-supported Male Pacific Northwest Trail FKT (1,200 miles)
Honorable mention – Jeremy H: Unsupported Male Long Trail FKT (DNF with 15 miles and 7 hours to finish)

Multi-Day Efforts

Witt W: Cocodona 250m (4th place)
Taylor N: Moab 200m
Jonathan E: Moab 200m
Taylor N: Move For Mind 300m
Brad H: Grand Canyon to Canada through PCT on GWL (2,900 miles)


Jeremy H: High Lonesome 100m
Jeremy H: Rio del Lago 100m
Brandon C: Midstate Massive 100m
Jeff D: Hardrock 100m
Joe M: Javelina 100m (4th)
Ben F: Infinitis 100m (2nd)
Brent R: Canal Corridor 100m
Jacob B: Javelina Jundred
Joe M: Javelina Jundred (4th)
Fawn H: Red Dirt 100k (1st)
Owen R: RTRC 1o0k
Jonathan E: Blackbeard’s Revenge 100k
Jacob B: Angel Creek 50m
Brent R: JFK 50m
Dave J: Killkenny Ridge 50m
Mark B: Silver Rush 50m
Micaela H: Bigfoot 40m
Mandy K: Quincy Classic 40m
Sam M: The Archie 52k
Jacob B: The Rut Trifecta 52k, 28k, VK
Jeremy H: Runamuk 50k
Alex S: Pigtails 50k (4th)
Samir S: HST SF 50k
Joe M: Dark Divide 50k (1st)
Fawn H: Mississippi Trail 50k (3rd)
Jonathan E: Rattler Trail 50k
Adam H: Chesterfield 50k
Brandon C: Megunticook 50k
Laurence Q: La Travesorina 46k


Danforth S: Boston Marathon
Mark B: Colfax Marathon
Andrew L: Baystate Marathon
Evren G: Charles River Marathon
Ian F: Lincoln Marathon
Laurence Q: Birthday Marathon, what a treat to yourself!
Warren B: Philly Marathon


Road Races

Danforth S: Harvest Half Marathon
Evren G: Harvest HM & Independence Rhode Island HM
Owen R: Charlotte Bridge HM
Andrew L: Salem Wicked HM
Liam R: Newport HM
Micaela Hornstein: Peoria HM
Ian F: Good Life Halfsy
Mandy K: Beach and Back HM
Fran H: Virtual Run Melbourne 10k
Laurence Q: 10km de Langreo
Evren G: Boston Summer Classic 5k
Fran F: East Providence Bay 5k
Julie M: First to First 5k
Sean M: First to First 5k

Trail Efforts

Ken S: Palisades / Shore Trail Loop 26.6m
Chris B: Mountains to Meadows HM
Kyle B: Mt Pitchell 62m
Dave J: Chocorua Mountain Race 15m
Dave J: Middlesex Skyline 8.1m
Luke M: Kendall Mountain Race 12m
Luke M: Manitou Incline .86m
Ali K: Fall Backyard Burn Trail Run 10m
James H: Baby Dragon 40k
Kirill D: Point Reyes 26.8m
Kirill D: East Bay Skyline 32m

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